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Being in the Moment

How often are you ‘in the moment’? Not thinking of the future or the past, but in the here and now. And what do you give up in the present, when you change your focus to the future or the past?   The other day I was getting

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Surrender to success

Have you ever felt like you are hitting your head against a brick wall? It could be because you are trying to control the outcome. I am new to motherhood and learning the art of parenthood. Like all new parents I am sleep deprived and trying to

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A self-aware leader?

There have been a few posts lately discussing leadership – Leading from the front and What does it really take to be a good leader to name just a couple. The two blogs brought up interesting points – the use of personality types in leadership training can

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Hiring a leader

The last leadership role I held was within a large New Zealand business. The appointment process into the role was handled with speed rather than care, and left me confused about what this business required from me. One skill I knew they required was the ability to

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