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Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:

  • On purpose
  • To what is happening now, right in front of you
  • And with attitudes like curiosity, kindness, acceptance

What does this mean?

Well, essentially it means we train our minds to pay attention to particular things so that it doesn’t run away on us without us consciously knowing. We bring conscious attention to what is happening within us and within our environment, right now, right in front of us, and we do this with attitudes of curiosity – oh, that’s interesting, I wonder why/if/when….; kindness – how can I best take care of myself in this situation; acceptance – it’s ok to be feeling this way right now.

So, notice the word train….. many of us aren’t currently wired in the ways of curiosity, kindness and acceptance – particularly with ourselves. Mindfulness gives us the tools to get back in touch with our genuine love based self.

Mindfulness can help:
– train the brain
– increase creativity
– give deeper meaning to life
– reduce stress & anxiety
– regulate eating habits
– improve relationships
– reduce depression
– reduce chronic pain
– control addiction
– increase happiness

Why choose my workshops?

I am a fully accredited Mindfulness Teacher. I trained through Shamash Aldina (author of Mindfulness for Dummies and other mindfulness books) in 2017.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience of client centred modalities, having trained in Holistic Pulsing, Past Life Regression, Inner Child work, Vibrational/Spiritual Healing, and Psychology Degree through Victoria University of Wellington.

Mindfulness for me is a way of life. This isn’t to say I am mindful all the time – that’s certainly not the case – but I utilise the mindfulness attitudes on a daily basis learning more about myself, my children and our world. Mindfulness is a journey.

I have two little children and I’m a stay at home Mum. So I know and understand the daily trials of being a parent and guiding little minds and discovering my own….

Finally, I love the effects mindfulness has and I’m excited to share them. So, come and try it out. If you feel it’s not for you after the first week – you will get a full refund.

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Here are some simple mindfulness meditations for you to wet your appetite for this insightful and empowering practice.

Awareness of breath medtitation

Short Body Scan Meditation

Short walking meditation