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Free Meditations

To really know what mindfulness it you really need to experience it for yourself. So here are a few meditations that may assist you in doing that.


Awareness of breath meditation

Breathing is something that we have done since we were first born. A lot of us don’t pay any attention to it until it becomes difficult or labored in some way. Our breath can tell us a lot about what we are currently experiencing e.g., if we are relaxed, our breath is usually slow, deep and rhythmic. If we are stressed or anxious our breath may quicken and shorten. Paying attention to our breath can give us a quick insight into how we are experiencing our current experience.

Awareness of breath meditation


Walking meditation

Again, walking is something that we don’t pay much attention to unless it causes us pain, or we are in an environment that requires us to pay attention to our walking e.g., slippery surface, needing to be quiet, etc. Paying attention to how our body moves when we ask it to can help us to notice many different things about our environment and how we move within it.

Short walking meditation