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Mindful Poetry

A Child

I’m not a scaredy-cat, hiding under the covers

but I do get scared sometimes when I am new with others

I’m not a bully, all ravenous and mean

but I do stand up for myself – tall as a bean

I’m not shy, shrinking into myself and feeling hot

but I do take time to warm up to you, when others may not

I’m not a little toughie, when I don’t cry at a scrape

but when I’m focussed those things don’t phase me – I’m wearing my superhero cape

I’m not a woose, when I cry and I fret

but I do like to show the world how I’m feeling – have you tried it yet?

I’m not a clever clogs, whose to big for my boots

I am confident and I remember, because learning anything is a hoot!

I’m not lazy, loafing round the house all day

I just love having time to explore, inquire and integrate my play

I’m not snobby, when I don’t answer right away

I am in the middle of something, or just finding the words I might say

I’m not a chatterbox, when I talk all day long

I just love your company and want our time together to go on and on

I’m not naughty, when I do something that’s not your way

I am just doing the best I can and experimenting with finding my own way

I love you with all of my heart, because you are my world

and I know you love me that way too, because I’m your little boy or girl

So when I do things you don’t like, or embitter you

just remember to breathe down to your belly and imagine a gentle hue

Remember that I am still learning, just like you

And with love and kindness I will become my best version – that’s true

Crysal Olds