Family Activity Advent Calendar


Christmas is my favourite time of year, and as a kid I used to love advent calendars – mainly for the chocolate. But what I loved more than the chocolate at this time of year was how happy everyone usually was. There seemed to be a sense of joy and magic that filled peoples souls at Christmas time, and I especially enjoyed anything I could do to add to this sense of joy and magic.

So I have created this family activity advent calendar in the hopes that it will bring some joy and magic to your families’ life – the type of joy and magic that is free and playful, and more often than not, sugar-free!

This advent calendar is in no particular order. You can cut out all the 24 sections and place them in your own particular order or do a lucky dip on the day – however you like. Let me know how you get on.

I hope you enjoy – I know my family and I will be…

Family activity advent calendar