Crysal Olds

Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter was founded in 2013 by Crysal Olds to help and encourage others to get to know themselves through focusing on their body and mind.  Mind over Matter specializes in facilitating inner growth to assist people to become the person they have always envisaged themselves becoming through a variety of methods like Mindfulness, Meditation, Holistic Pulsing, Past Life Regression, Essential Oils, and Coaching.

Since gaining her post-graduate diploma of science in Psychology at Victoria University, Wellington, Crysal’s background has been in Learning and Development/Training, Business Development, Management, and Consultancy roles in private organizations.

She has had a variety of training in holistic health including Holistic Pulsing, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness training and has been committed to her own personal growth and spiritual development for over 15 years.

Crysal lives in Richmond, Nelson, NZ and is currently homeschooling her two girls, who also help her keep on top of her own personal growth and self-awareness journey.

Crysal Olds - Mind Over Matter