Mindfulness Books written by Shamash Alidina and the Teach Mindfulness Community, of which Crysal Olds is a member. Please check out these mindfulness books for some inspiration and mindfulness tips through challenging times and times of transformation.

Mindfulness for Challenging Times: A Collection of Voices for Peace, Self-Care and Connection by Shamash Alidina and the Teach Mindfulness Community

From Amazon: “We’re certainly living in challenging times. What’s the best way to cope? Mindfulness provides one way you can find some peace and clarity.

Mindfulness draws from ancient wisdom, but it has been proven to work time and again in modern scientific studies. It’s a great way to cultivate peace, presence and compassion. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the current difficulties facing the world, Mindfulness for Challenging Times: A Collection of Voices for Peace, Self-Care and Connection may offer some comfort.

This book contains a range of insights from our community of 26 mindfulness teachers, all sharing mindful ways of dealing with the various challenges you may be facing. It provides you with helpful strategies and simple mindfulness exercises to guide you through these unusual times.

A wide range of topics for our times are covered, including ways to use mindfulness for dealing with stress, anxiety, isolation and grief; practices like mindful yoga, mindful eating and even mindful cleaning; and tips for mindful parenting, advice for those working in the helping professions, and suggestions for how to work mindfully online and at home.

In addition, the book includes access to over 40 guided mindful audio tracks for you to listen to, recorded by 20+ teachers. They’re an important part of the book, helping you to experience the mindful exercises that the authors describe.

Part 1: Meeting Challenges with Mindfulness
Finding Calm in the Chaos
Staying Mindful in Isolation
Finding Ways to Cope with Stress
Mindfulness for Anxiety
Managing Sleep in Challenging Times
Mindfulness in the Presence of Traumatic Memories
Being Mindful with Grief
A Mindful Approach to Managing Your Media Consumption

Part 2: Practising Self-care, Compassion and Kindness
Mindful Yoga
Mindful Eating
Showing Ourselves Compassion
Growing Gratitude
The Power of Being Kind to Others
Micro-mindfulness Moments: Mindful Cleaning
Mindfulness for Finding Joy
Connecting with Nature
Mindful Movement in Nature

Part 3: Connecting Mindfully with Others
Mindful Communication in Challenging Times
Connecting with Others Online
Mindful Ways to Work from Home
Staying Mindful with Difficult People
Mindful Ways through Conflict
Parenting Mindfully through Challenges
Mindful Co-Parenting and Single Parenting
Mindfulness for Helping Professionals
Mindfulness for Empathy Fatigue

100% of the profits from sales of this book will be donated to help fund the work of the World Health Organization (WHO).


“I believe this volume will not only remind those experienced in mindfulness of its many benefits, but also will serve as a roadmap to many who may not yet have any experience or understand the value of mindfulness. And remember, these techniques have been with us for thousands of years. The reason? They work! I hope you enjoy this volume as much as I have.”
James R. Doty, MD Founder and Director, The Stanford Center for Compassion (CCARE)
The New York Times bestselling author of Into the Magic Shop

“This book is a wonderful gift to the world – a collaboration of voices to offer presence, compassion and hope, all for a good cause. I highly recommend!”
Shauna Shapiro PhD, author of Good Morning, I Love You Professor, Santa Clara University

“Mindfulness seems so simple to do and yet so hard to describe. Shamash does it brilliantly.”
Ruby Wax, comedian, mental health campaigner and bestselling author

“Shamash gives you the tools you need to guide you through challenging times and come out the other side stronger than you were before. It has his signature style of warmth, genuine care and crystal-clear practical tools. You couldn’t find a better friend to guide you through troubled times.”
Melli O’Brien, mindfulness teacher, speaker, writer and co-founder of Mindfulness.com”

Mindfulness for Tranformation: A Collection of Stories for Compassion, Courage and Community by Shamash Alidina & Teach Mindfulness Community

From Amazon: “This book is a community project. All the graduates from our Teach Mindfulness training programme were offered a chance to write a chapter for this book. And what you hold in your hands is a collection of stories from the brave and generous souls who stepped up to that challenge.

This is actually the second book we’ve produced together. The first book, Mindfulness for Challenging Times, was born spontaneously in response to the sudden lockdown we faced here in Europe and around the world in the face of a global pandemic.

This book is different. We realised stories were most inspiring. Stories that shared how people meet their challenges and overcome them.

So, why not have a whole book sharing how mindfulness has transformed our lives? We hope the stories will inspire you to either give mindfulness a go or to encourage you to explore mindfulness more deeply.

In addition to the text, the book includes access to over 27 guided mindful audio tracks for you to listen to, recorded by 20+ teachers, accessible online via computer or even your phone. They’re an important part of the book, helping you to experience the mindful exercises that the authors describe.

Part I:
Finding the Courage to Manage Challenging Experiences

1: Finding Peace and Mutual Acceptance in the Present Moment
2: Transcending Chronic Depression
3: Making Friends with Anxiety
4: Overcoming Performance Anxiety
5: Overcoming Anxiety and Encouraging Creativity
6: Finding Understanding and Acceptance
7: Using Mindfulness to Cope with Grief
8: Slowing Down with Mindfulness: A Route to Whole-body Wellbeing
9: Settling into Stillness, Returning to Wholeness

Part II:
Discovering the Transformative Power of Mindfulness, Compassion and Self-compassion

10: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
11: How Lockdown Helped Me Find Greater Harmony
12: Discovering the Power of Self-compassion
13: Becoming Inspired to Take a New Path in Life
14: Finding My Way Back to Mindfulness, One Deep Breath at a Time
15: Learning to Surf: Accepting Life’s Events
16: Mindfulness as the Foundation for a Happy, Healthy Life
17: Letting Go of the Past and Embracing the Present
18: Mindfulness Is a Journey, Self-compassion Is Its Outcome
19: Mindfulness for a Transformative Recovery

Part III:
Connecting to Family, Community and the Wider World through Mindfulness

20: The Gentle Power of Mindfulness in Challenging Times
21: Widening Your Perspective through Mindfulness
22: Mindfulness with Gammy: Sharing Mindfulness with Your Family
23: Mindful Parenting: Becoming the Parent I Want to Be
24: Transforming Shame into Acceptance through Mindful Community
25: Compassion in Action: Understanding Others and Remembering to Be Kind
26: Channelling My Creativity into Mindful Sketching
27: Connecting with Nature to Find My Inner Compass
Appendix: Audio Tracks


“An inspiring and powerful collection of stories documenting the transformative power of mindfulness to change lives.”

James R. Doty, M.D., Founder & Director, The Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE), New York Times bestselling author of Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart

“With our busy lives, these short mindful stories are the perfect way to take a moment to find a little spark of inspiration each day and put the lesson into practice.”

Carin Winter, CEO Mission Be, Mindful Education

“An essential and inspirational read for both experienced practitioners and all those who have always wanted to try mindfulness. Highly recommended.”

Mark Campion, Mindfulness Teacher, Assessor for the Teach Mindfulness Program, 30 years experience of working with people in potentially high stress environments.”