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What is mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:

  • On purpose
  • To what is happening now, right in front of you
  • And with attitudes like curiosity, kindness, acceptance

What does this mean?

Well, essentially it means we train our minds to pay attention on purpose rather than running on autopilot. We bring conscious attention to what is happening within us and within our environment, right now, right in front of us – instead of paying attention to the past or the future, and we do this with attitudes of curiosity – oh, that’s interesting, I wonder why/if/when….; kindness – how can I best take care of myself in this situation; acceptance – it’s ok to be feeling this way right now.

So, notice the word train….. many of us aren’t currently wired in the ways of curiosity, kindness and acceptance – particularly toward ourselves. Mindfulness gives us the tools to get back in touch with and BE our genuine curious, kind, accepting and loving self.